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JAN 16 2018

In August of 2017, we were pleased to welcome Master Krasimir Gerginov from Bulgaria and his organization to the GTF family. Master Gerginov has already begun introducing GTF techniques to his members and we look forward to a long working relationship with him. It will be great for the GTF members to meet together at the next International event.

A meeting is scheduled with the GTF Board of Directors, Director Sr. Grand Master Eyup Gokbilen, Director Grand Master Xuan Ha, Director Juliann Sweet, Director Heather Park and Director H.GM. Linda Park. The meeting is set to determine the course of action relating to recommendations from the newly formed Executive Committee about the future promotion and development of events in GTF member countries.

New member from Bulgaria:


Master Krasimir Gerginov
7th Degree (previously ITF)



October 12, 2017


The GTF wishes to announce the new members of the GTF Executive Committee who shall be very involved with the future policy development and promotion of this Federation. They are:

Sec-Gen. Master Gantner (U.S.A.)
Grand Master Wee Sun Ngiaw (Malaysia)
Grand Master Francisco Beloso (Spain)
Master Manuel Quiles (U.S.A.)
Master Vito Palella (Canada)
Master Konstantinos Kalfas (Greece)
Master Victor Shcherbakov (Russia)
Master Vladimir Grachev (South Africa)
Master Con Connolly (Ireland)
Master Allan Cunningham (Scotland)

The GTF Board of Directors looks forward to working in harmony with the EC for the overall benefit of the GTF membership.


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Congratulations go out to Master Allan Cunningham of Scotland who was examined for Master rank at the Technical Seminar conducted by GTF Technical Chairman, Grand Master Xuan Ha. Grand Master Ha, from Germany, travelled to Scotland last week to conduct the seminar and examination. Master Cunningham has been a loyal GTF member since the beginning when it was founded by the late Grand Master Park Jung Tae. Since his passing, Master Cunningham has continued training his students in Scotland and has become the largest GTF club there. His outstanding contribution over the years to the Taekwon-Do community is well-known throughout Scotland and worldwide.

On behalf of all the GTF members, congratulations to Master Cunningham on achieving Master status. It is well deserved!

Hon.Grand Master Linda Park
President GTF

AUG 17, 2017

GTF is currently working with instructors from other Federations who wish membership to GTF.
Once all the criteria for new membership is met, we will welcome all new members to GTF. GTF will announce the names shortly,

AUG 17, 2017

The GTF World Championships will take place next year during the summer 2018. We had two proposals for this prestigious event - South Africa and Armenia. Both countries have excellent venues and we will be notifying the members by mid August of the exact location.

AUG 17, 2017

The European GTF Championships was hosted by Sr. Grand Master Gokbilen in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Once again the host did everything possible to make the event most enjoyable and memorable for everyone. GTF thanks Sr. Grand Master Gokbilen for his kind hospitality and hope to have many more events in that country. In October of this year, the annual Euro-Asoa GTF Championships will be held in TRNC and the organizers are already prepared for the event.

JULY 10, 2017

On July 5th, 2017 during the European GTF Championships in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Mr. Con Connolly 6th Degree from Ireland and Mr. Graham McAneny 4th Degree from Scotland were given examinations for GTF rank promotion. Both instructors were successful in demonstrating their skills under the watchful eyes of GTF President Linda Park, Sr. Grand Master Gokbilen (TRNC), Grand Master Beloso (Spain), Sr. Master Quiles (USA), Sr Master Tzatchev (Norway), Master Grachev (South Afridca), Master Aghajayan (Armenia), Master Ergin (TRNC) and Master Uslu (TRNC).

GTF congratulates our newest 7th Degree Master Con Connolly and also new 5th Degree, Mr. Graham McAneny for their devotion and continued efforts in promoting and developing GTF.

JUNE 11, 2017

In May of this year, Moldova held their annual European Championships and it was a great success. An important meeting took place with the European Instructors present and as a result of the information gathered, GTF has implemented a pilot project to assist in the future development of GTF in Europe. GTF has created a new committee to facilitate the European concerns regarding all issues and to find solutions to working together to promote GTF. GTF has appointed Sr. Master Ivan Tzatchev (Norway) as the Chairman of this committee. Sr. Master Tzatchev has already been working with some European Instructors and there will be a meeting in Moldova on August 17th, 2017 to address issues facing some European members. GTF looks forward to the report of the meeting so we can move forward in a direction that is in the best interests of the GTF Worldwide

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APRIL 11, 2017






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DECEMBER 30 2016

Ahmed Nordin from Tromso is the first Norwegian athlete with Down syndrome to have achieve black belt in Taekwon Do.

Daniel Sønstevold is responsible for sports for the disabled in the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation. He knows of no other practitioners who have managed the same as Ahmed Nordin in Norway. "No, I do not think there are any others. I think this is the first" says Sønstevold. He says that the union will mark the performance of Nordin.

We at GTF also want to congratulate Ahmed on his Black Belt and relay how proud we are that he has persevered and shown his true inner strength in this achievement.

"He's a good kid, who is positive and works hard. He is serious and deliberate. He is very disciplined in training and is 100 percent concentrated. He is a role model for many in the community" says Ivan Tzatchev, his coach

DECEMBER 23 2016

Dear Grand Masters, Masters, Presidents, Instructors and Members:

Wishing all the members of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF) a happy holiday and hope that 2017 will bring peace and prosperity to all of us.


Best regards,

H.GM. Linda Park

OCTOBER 25 2016

The GTF Euro Asia Taekwon-Do Championships just finished October 23rd.

The GTF President H.Grand Master Linda Park travelled to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus to attend the Euro Asia Taekwon-Do Championships organized by the TRNC-GTF organization. Many countries participated in this event and were proud to take demonstrate their skills, win medals and build lasting friendships with members from other countries.

Senior Grand Master Gokbilen, the highest rank in GTF did an outstanding job of hosting all the participants. GTF Pesident Linda Park and Senior Grand Master Gokbilen spent much time discussing GTF matters with Grand Master Beloso from Argentina, Senior Master Tzatchev from Norway, Master Scherbakov from Russia, Master Aghajanyan from Armenia who were present at this event along with a special guest Grand Master Fikret Guler from Sweden. There was great support to the Masters living in TRNC - Master Ergin and Master Uslu.

The GTF delegation of Grand Masters, Masters and Instructors from around the world met with several members of parliament; H.E. Dr. Derviş Eroğlu - 3 rd President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; H.E.Hüseyin Özgürgün – Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; H.E Kutlu Evren - Minister of Interior; H.E Özdemir Berova - Minister of Education; H.E.Nazım Çavuşoğlu - Minister of Agriculture and Mr Hüseyin Cahitoğlu - Director of The Sports Department. The meetings were very productive and once again gave support to the ongoing Taekwon-Do and sporting events taking place in TRNC.

Senior Grand Master Gokbilen did an outstanding job hosting all the participants and generously gave gifts to the instructors who came with their students to participate. There was a lot of coverage from the news media, especially from those prominent newspaper reporters covering the event: Mr Celal Demirbilek, Mr Muzaffer ılıcak, Mr Murat Botanlıoğlu and Mr Mehmet Yılmaz. We thank them for their hard work in producing hundreds of photos and writing articles.

We look forward to meeting the GTF members at our next event.

H.Grand Master Linda Park
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I would like to thank all those who were able to travel and participate in the 10th GTF World Championships held in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, July 12-19th. Despite many issues with visas and other challenges, competitors and supporters from twenty countries were able to travel to Kazan to participate in this prestigious event. Media support, including 6 TV channels, 4 newspapers, 3 internet-newspapers, 7 information agencies and 3 radio stations were active in media coverage for the 790 competitors who participated and contributed to the Championships huge success. The Male overall champion was Alexandr Semerikov and the Female overall champion was Rashidova Leila. With so many competitors, that was a great achievement. Of course, many thanks go out to all who competed, remembering that winning is not only about getting a medal, but also about good sportsmanship and inter-action between nations to promote peace and harmony.

The City of Kazan was beautiful with many historical buildings and the GTF members enjoyed visiting such sites. The hospitality of Russia Association Taekwon-Do with Mr. Damir Khalilov as its President, did everything possible to make our stay in Kazan a most memorable one. The GTF President, together with several Senior Masters were busy meeting with Sports Officials from the Russian Ministry discussing GTF promotion and development in Russia. More detailed information will be forthcoming about the meetings. We give our thanks to Shaikhraziev Vasil - Vice-Prime Minister  of the Republic of Tatarsan, Shaikhutdinov Khalil - Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, Khusnutdinov Farkhad - Chairman of Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tatarstan, Terekhov Anatoly - President of the Taekwon-do Union of Russia, Kalinin Alexander - Assistant of the President of the Taekwon-do Union of Russia, Gabbasov Ramil - Acting Director of the  Russian Martial Arts Union, Musin Rafis - President  of WTF Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan for all their support to the Russia Association Taekwon-Do and Mr. Damir Khalilov who is President of that Association. The Championship was very well organized and the event showcased the high technical standards the GTF is recognized for worldwide.

The technical seminar with 90 participants was conducted by the GTF Technical Chairman, Grand Master Ha from Germany and assisted by other GTF Masters that were present, Master Vito Palella from Canada, Master Kalfas from Greece, Master Tzatchev from Norway, and of course Master Scherbakov from Russia. Senior Master Palella, the GTF Tournament Chairman, conducted the Referee Seminar. Also, the translations done by Mr. Ivan Trushin (Russia) were excellent and being able to explain/demonstrate techniques shown by the Masters helped tremendously.

During the Championships, examinations were conducted in the presence of GTF President Linda Park, by Grand Master Ha (Germany), Master Palella (Canada), Master Kalfas (Greece), Master Scherbakov (Russia), Master Tzatchev (Norway),Master Thach (Germany). Grand Master Beloso and the other GTF Masters continued running the Championships with the R.A.T. organizers while the examinations were taking place. Here is the list of members who have been promoted after passing the intense examination.

Mr. Dan Preuss (Alaska, USA) promoted to Master 7th Degree
Mr. Vladimir Grachev (Kazakhstan) promoted to Master 7th Degree
Mr. Karen Aghaganyian (Armenia) promoted to Master 7th Degree
Miss Janice Connolly (Ireland) promoted to 6th Degree.
Mr. David Natroshvilli (Russia) promoted to 6th Degree
Mr. Vladislav Telyatnikov (Russia) promoted to 6th Degree
Mr. Andrei Michailenko (Russia) promoted to 6th Degree.
Mr. Ivan Seleznew (Russia) promoted to 5th Degree
Mr. Denis Isakov (Russia) promoted to 4th Degree.
Mr. Cubet Ghenadie (Moldova) promoted to 5th Degree
Mr. Almaz Gerfanov (Russia) promoted to 5th Degree
Mr. ivan Trushin (Russia) promoted to 5th Degree
Mr.Vyacheslav Maiserik (Russia) promoted to 5th Degree
Mr. Vitaliy Shonohov (Russia) promoted to 4th Degree
Mr. Alexander Tugbaev (Russia) promoted to 4th Degree
Mr. Victor Pak (Russia) promoted to 4th Degree
Mr. Eldar Chilmanshin (Russia) promoted to 3rd Degree
Mr. Igor Icyvarev (Russia) promoted to 3rd Degree
Mr. Alexander Poletuchiy (Russia) promoted to 2nd Degree
Mr. Dmitriy Vakufenko (Ukraine) promoted to 2nd Degree
Mr. Dmitriy Chikrizov (Russia) promoted to 2nd Degree
Mr. Andrey Khanas (Ukraine) promoted to 1st Degree
Mr. Vladislav Scherbak (Russia) promoted to 1st Degree
Ms. Ekaterina Sukhareva (Russia) promoted to 1st Degree
Mr. Rustan Fasliev (Russian) promoted to 1st Degree

It is important to point out that GTF, a non-political organization, must protect all the GTF members worldwide regardless of their location and make every effort to ensure all GTF members can enjoy International Competitions sanctioned by the GTF Federation.

Thanks again to all who made this event a success.

H.GM Linda Park
JUNE 14 2016

The ‘10th Taekwon-Do GTF World Championships” is expected to bring competitors from around the world and already we have received commitment from many countries. The sport facilities used for this event are located within walking distance from the well-known Kazan Universiade Village campus where the athletes will be staying. An information package with all information is attached to this invitation.

The Global Taekwon-Do Federation, a non-political organization, is known worldwide for it’s mandate of maintaining the highest technical standards and promoting peace and harmony through training. It is important for GTF athletes worldwide to compete in world class competition in a friendly atmosphere and to exchange valuable training techniques. Kazan has a reputation as one of the world’s best venues for sports competitions so we are excited to host this event in Kazan, Russia. We are confident the “10th Taekwon-Do GTF World Championships will be a first class event and we look forward to GTF members experiencing Russia’s unique culture and building lasting friendships through this venue.

A Technical Seminar conducted by Grand Master Xuan Ha from Germany and the Umpire/Referee Seminar conducted by Grand Master Francisco Beloso from Argentina has been organized to take place prior to the event to ensure everyone is updated on GTF rules and regulations. Also, this will be a great opportunity to up-grade techniques and to discuss various ways to promote and develop Taekwon-Do in your country with the newly acquired skills and knowledge from participating in the seminars.

If further information is needed pertaining to this event, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please consider the time difference when applying for visas and allow enough time for processing.

We look forward to seeing you in Kazan.

H.Grand Master Linda Park
GTF President
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APR 10 2016

A Tribute to Grand Master Park Jung Tae
Founder of Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF)

The hours leading up to the anniversary date of Grand Master Park’s passing are always filled with emotions and thoughts of loving experiences shared. It is now fourteen years since he physically left us, but memories of him are etched in our minds and felt in our hearts, never to be forgotten.

There are many new Taekwon-Do practitioners today who never had the opportunity to meet or train with Grand Master Park. It will be difficult for them to understood his real love of Taekwon-Do and the personal sacrifices he made in his efforts to promote this martial art throughout the world. In life, we read about great men and women who have accomplished the impossible and impacted society in such undeniably ways. Grand Master Park Jung Tae was such a man. A Taekwon-Do Icon. He had such a charismatic personality and in his presence there was a magnetic pull to listen and learn what he had to offer. Just ask any of the many instructors who can give testament to that truth. Go on social media to find him and you will discover why the world cannot forget him.

The Global Taekwon-Do Federation is a strong technical organization because of the relationship between Grand Master Park Jung Tae and the instructors/students who he influenced through his teachings. Today, they are just as determined to continue standing firm on the strong technical standards of GTF and promoting peace and harmony as demonstrated by this phenomenal teacher. He taught us unwavering determination to forge ahead irregardless of any situation, thus; being resolute in facing challenges. These are the kind of leaders we have in the Global Taekwon-Do Federation today.

The Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors, students and supporters will make sure the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF) we love and cherish, remains the organization that is respected worldwide for its good image and commitment to technical expertise which is synonymous with Grand Master Park Jung Tae.

Please take a moment on April 11th to reflect on the life of Grand Master Park Jung Tae, Founder of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF) and his contribution to Taekwon-Do.

H.Grand Master Linda Park
GTF President
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FEB 9 2016

Congratulations to our 7 newest GTF blackbelts in Norway !!!
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JAN 12 2016

On behalf of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation Promotions Committee, on December 31st, Grand Master Ngiaw Wee Sun conducted a special ceremony to present Master Dang Kok Wai with the Senior Master 8th Degree Certificate. Dato Senior Master Ng Hooi Lai was also in attendance of this important event celebrating Senior Master Dang’s promotion. The GTF congratulates Senior Master Dang on his indomitable spirit and diligence in reaching this prestigious rank.

The Global Taekwon-Do Federation has recognized the Perak Taekwon-Do Association (GTF) INO 009 as an Independent National Organization (INO) representative of the GTF in Malaysia with Senior Master Dang Kok Wai as President. We congratulate him and his affiliates, Persatuan Pan-Malaysia Global Taekwon-Do Daerah Pekan. INO 009-2(Madam Yoke Lim); Prima Taekwon-Do Club, INO 009-3 (Mr. Thung Jin Ping) and Club Taekwon-Do Integrity. INO-4 (Mr. Lim Xue Qian) on their support in promoting GTF and working in harmony with PGTF to keep Malaysia’s strong presence in the GTF worldwide.

HGM Linda Park
GTF President
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NOV 6 2015

Euro-Asia GTF Championships

Again this year the Euro-Asia GTF Championships held in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was successful with many countries participating. GTF President Linda Park met with the GTF Instructors to talk about issues pertaining to Taekwon-Do development/promotion in their respective countries. Also, Master Ivan Tzatchev from Norway had several discussions with the GTF Administration representative Mrs. Julie Sweet about the GTF’s mandate and taking GTF into the future. We look forward to implementing some of the ideas that were presented.

This year at the Euro-Asia GTF Championships the GTF recognized the first Taekwon-Do instructors in Turkey who started their careers in the early 1960’s. Senior Grand Master Gokbilen was responsible for bringing these pioneer Taekwon-Do Instructors together as special guests at the Euro-Asia GTF Championships. The great news is, that these pioneer Turkish Taekwon-Do Masters Ismet Iraz, Yilmaz Coskun, Aybars Kilichan, Ozturk Senfert, Sadi Tureli, Levent Sirmali, Aslan Saglam, Ertugrul Gur, Enver Sarigul and Hayati Akbar have committed to supporting the GTF Turkey President Mr. Talih Yilmaz in promoting and developing GTF in Turkey. The GTF appreciates their support as there are millions of Taekwon-Do practitioners in Turkey.

At the meeting of the members participating in the event, the main focus was on the GTF World Championships in 2016 and everyone present stated they were looking forward to going to Kazan, Russia for this event. We are hoping that the rest of the GTF membership worldwide will also support the GTF World Championships in Kazan in July 2016.
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SEPT 11 2015

It was a great gathering in Toronto, Canada of GTF members at the GTF Technical Seminar, Umpire / Referee Seminar and 25th Anniversary Dinner Celebration. There were some emotional moments when reflecting back over the years since Global Taekwon-Do Federation was created.


It all started in 1990 when Grand Master Park Jung Tae founded the Global Taekwon-Do Federation. His indomitable spirit, humble character, superior technical skills, together with his superb teaching abilities attributed to him being nicknamed “The People’s Master”. Together with the support and dedication of the Instructors worldwide who were loyal to his teachings, Grand Master Park was able to promote and develop GTF into a great world renowned Federation. The Global Taekwon-Do Federation became known for it’s high technical standards and promotion of peace and harmony through training and the name Park Jung Tae became synonymous with Taekwon-Do. The GTF’s mandate to maintain high technical standards and promote peace and harmony has continued even after his death on April 11, 2002. This year of 2015, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation and honour the legacy of Grand Master Park Jung Tae. The GTF President Hon. Grand Master Linda Park and Senior Grand Master Eyup Zafer Gokbilen congratulate the Masters who have been promoted to the prestigious rank of Grand Master and the Instructors who have been promoted to Master 7th and 8th Dan.


The strength of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation doesn’t come from one of us but from all of us, as we’re building a stronger Federation together. Each of us is linked to the GTF frequency of it’s greatness. From the highest rank of Grand Master to the beginner White Belt, humbleness is our greatest strength as we weave Taekwon-Do like a harmonious pattern uniting the mind, body and spirit through training. The GTF is very proud to announce the promotions of Grand Master Xuan Ha from Germany, Grand Master Francisco Beloso from Argentina and Grand Master Harris Bonfiglio from USA to the highest rank of Taekwon-Do. Also, congratulations go out to our new Masters; Master William Rosado from USA, Master Oyku Ergin from TRNC and Master Ali Uslu from TRNC.

The intense Technical Seminar was conducted by the GTF Technical Chairman Grand Master Xuan Ha from Germany. Grand Master Beloso from Argentina, Grand Master Harris Bonfiglio from USA, Senior Master Chris Gantner from USA, Senior Master Manuel Quiles from USA and Senior Master Vito Palella were working together with Grand Master Ha to ensure the techniques were being executed correctly by the participants. Senior Master Ivan Tzatchev from Norway, Master Anthony Skinner from USA and Master Toneff from USA were also available to give assistance if necessary. Also, GTF Senior Grand Master Eyup Zafer Gokbilen from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus participated in this special event celebrating GTF’s 25th Anniversary.

Fundamental knowledge of Martial Arts philosophy can be learned from reading books, but the greatest teachings will be derived from one’s personal experiences with protocol and inter-action with their instructor and other Masters. Nothing is achieved without some effort, just like good techniques can come through serious training, but great techniques come through constant repetition and understanding the technical applications of movements. This event provided a platform for training in an environment of peaceful harmony with many Grand Masters and Masters who travelled to Canada from many countries to share their knowledge and expertise to all the GTF members who participate.

It was a real pleasure when Canadian members of Spark’s Taekwon-Do Academy gave a singing and drum performance representing Canada’s Native American heritage. The GTF members really enjoyed listening to Ms. Sharp Dopler and Ms. Cheryl Brost as they sang native songs about unity and loyalty which resonates with this Federation’s mandate to promote peace and harmony through training. We also had a treat when Miss Ozlem Tomak from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with such a beautiful voice, sang a wonderful song for us all to enjoy. We thank them all again for their great performances, as it was another way of further bonding between us all.

On behalf of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation, I wish to thank everyone for sharing in this wonderful experience. For those who were unable to participate in this event, I hope we can get together in Kazan, Russia next year at the GTF World Championships.
JULY 17 2015
The GTF President, H. Grand Master Linda Park travelled to Turkey this past week to give support to the newly organized Turkey GTF organization. GTF Grand Master Eyup Zafer Gokbilen from TRNC also travelled to Turkey to support the GTF mission. Mr. Talih Yilmas, President of GTF Turkey and Mrs. Arzu Kutlucan worked tirelessly on the program resulting in great success.

The organizers had us visiting several ancient historical sites in the very busy city of Istanbul and also Bursa. This was an extraordinary experience now etched in our memories.

Meeting with the Mayor of Yildirim, Mayor Ismail Hakki Edebali at his office was very significant as Mayor Edebali signed an Official Agreement with GTF Turkey President Mr. Talih Yilmaz giving support to the GTF Turkey organization for developing GTF Taekwon-Do in that country.

The GTF delegation met Mr. Yilmaz Coskun, representing the Prime Minister’s office as well as MP Bennur Karaburun at a Ramadan meal with 150 people and it was delightful to watch the Semazen Divine Group dancers giving a fantastic performance. Afterwards, there was an exchange of gifts and good rapport between all present. The GTF President received a very nice canvas print of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is credited as being the Founder of the Republic of Turkey. Both Mr. Coskun who has been supporting Mr. Talih Yilmaz and MP Bennur Karaburun, a former swimmer athlete, have indicated their support of the GTF initiative in Turkey.

Turkey GTF leader Mr. Talih Yilmaz has a big task in developing GTF in Turkey but with the support of prominent Turkish leaders he will be able to develop and promote a strong organization much quicker. Mr. Yilmaz is already talking about hosting some International or World Championships in the very near future. We wish Mr. Yilmaz and the Turkey GTF organization the very best in their endeavour to promote and develop GTF in Turkey.
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JUNE 18 2015
The Open Taekwondo Seminar "Celebrating GTF-back in Sofia -Bulgaria” led by Master Ivan Tzatchev 7.Dan was a great success. A special congratulations goes out to Sabunim Miroslav Trifonov with well deserved 5.Dan promotion. His powerful techniques, explosive kicks and quality performed patterns helped him deliver an exam he can be proud of.
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JUNE 9 2015
Some unethical person has created an email using the GTF President's name and position and is sending out emails to people signing as GTF President. If you receive any email that looks fraudulent, please contact GTF Headquarters.

JUNE 8 2015
The 5th Annual Delaware Instructor Seminar held in Delaware, USA May 1-3rd, 2015 conducted by Secretary-General Master Chris Gantner, 8th Dan and USGTF President Master Manual Quiles, 8th Dan was a huge success. Master Pat Toneff, 7th Dan Executive member of USA-GTF and Master Tony Skinner, 7th Dan organizer were also actively involved with assisting in this intense training event. Thanks to all the GTF members who travelled to the USA to participate and up-date their technical skills.
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MAY 22 2015
Master Xuan Ha, 8th Dan GTF Technical Chairman travelled to Moldova once again to conduct a Technical Seminar and Rank Promotions.  During his time there, Master Ha was a special guest at the 2015 Open Taekwon-Do Cup Moldova hosted by the GTF Moldova GTF.  Mr. Oleg Matvei and Mr. Vladimir Sirbul were examined and granted the rank of 6th Degree.  Mr. Foesa Petru was examined and promoted to 4th Degree.  Thanks to all the GTF members who participated in this championships and seminar.

Check our
gallery for more excellent photos from this event.
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MAY 8 2015
Master Ha will be conducting a technical seminar during then Open Taekwon-Do European Cup 2015 that is hosted by GTF Moldova.  If any GTF member wishes to attend the event on May 22nd,  please contact Mr. Sergiu Balan at:

Supporting GTF events is always a first priority so we wish the championship a great success.
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APRIL 25 2015
The Philippine Pilgrims Traditional Taekwon-Do Academy has officially become a member of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation.  Mr. Salvador Obing is the Leader of that organization and currently 3rd Degree Black Belt.   GTF welcomes them to this great Taekwon-Do family.
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APRIL 25 2015
This will be the 10th year traditional event for the Bulgarian members to bring Master Tzatchev to Sofia, Bulgaria to conduct a training seminar on June 13th, 2015.  This year the seminar will be considered a National GTF activity.  The Bulgaria GTF have now committed to GTF and are looking forward to participating in upcoming GTF events  to meet and train with other GTF members.
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APRIL 25 2015
The Global Taekwon-Do Federation welcomes Fenix-Bulgaria as new members from Sofia, Bulgaria.  Mr. Miroslav Trifonov, ranked as 4th Degree Black Belt is the leader of that organization.  Mr. Trifonov has been training under the guidance of Master Ivan Tzatchev from Norway.   We look forward to  meeting the Bulgarian GTF members at the next International GTF event.
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APRIL 14 2015
The GTF welcomes Master Ivan Tzatchev, President of ATN from Norway as an official member of this Federation.  Master Tzatchev trained with Grand Master Park Jung Tae many years ago when Grand Master Park frequently visited Norway to conduct seminars for members who were affiliated with GTF.   We wish Master Tzatchev the best of luck in his endeavour to promote GTF in Norway.  Master Tzatchev brings five Taekwon-Do clubs from Norway and three clubs from Bulgaria as members to the Global Taekwon-Do Federation.  It was a unanimous decision between all his Instructors both in Norway and Bulgaria to join GTF.  We will give more details later.  GTF welcomes all the new members.
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APRIL 11 2015
Today marks thirteen years after the passing of GTF's Founder, Grand Master Park Jung Tae on April 11th, 2002.  We remember this Taekwon-Do Icon and reflect on his lifetime commitment and contribution to Taekwon-Do worldwide.  April 11th is a significant day in the history of Taekwon-Do as it also represents the date Taekwon-Do was born on April 11th, 1955.  On this important day, April 11th, 2015 we celebrate Taekwon-Do and the life of Grand Master Park Jung Tae.
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APRIL 5 2015
Mr. Demid Grachev, President of GTF Kazakhstan sent in these photos of the successful championships that took place in Kazakhstan.   They had great support from the Russian GTF President Mr. Natroshvilli and Vice-President Mr. Kuleshov who brought many competitors to support this event.  We also got a report from Mr. Teodor Surbas from GTF Uzbekistan of the professionally run competition.
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MARCH 31 2015
Thanks go out to Master Gantner for his high level Technical Seminar that he conducted in Western Canada this past week-end. Once again he didn't disappoint the instructors with his vast knowledge of Taekwon-Do and superb technical knowledge and skills.
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MARCH 21 2015
Grand Master Eyup Zafer Gokbilen just returned from Ankara, Turkey where he met with the GTF Turkish President Mr. Talih Yilmaz to discuss GTF.  Turkey became a new member of GTF in 2014 and since that time has attracted many of the first Taekwon-Do athletes who started practicing Taekwon-Do in the early days from 1967-1974. We have been advised that there is a lot of interest in GTF in Turkey and the organization is growing quickly.  The promotion and development of GTF in Turkey has to do with the earnest efforts of Mr. Yilmaz and his organization.  Our thanks go out to
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The 2014 Euro-Asia GTF Taekwon-Do Championships are now over and we will have the results and some photos of this exciting event posted very soon.

Stay tuned.
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NOV 11 2014
We now have some photographs posted on our Gallery page the 2014 Euro-Asia GTF Taekwon-Do Championships. We will keep adding to the gallery as more photos become available.
NOV 5 2014
Master Chris Gantner, GTF Secretary-General, is conducting a technical seminar in Manitoba, Canada this week-end.  The members at that location are the first students of Grand Master Park Jung Tae when he founded the Manitoba GTF in 1970 and they still remain loyal to the GTF.
NOV 5 2014
Master Kalfas Konstantinos, President of GTF in Greece is conducting a seminar for his country members on November 3rd to up-date them on their technical skills
NOV 5 2014
The GTF website has a calendar for events, so if any clubs have planned events, let us know and we can post them.
NOV 5 2014
Unfortunately the GTF Championships to be held in South Africa had to be cancelled due the lack of commitment as a result of the Ebola outbreak.  Many countries had originally committed to travelling to South Africa but with the Ebola spreading so quickly, it was decided by Mr. Vladimir Grachev the organizer of the event, to cancel the event after GTF member countries backed out.  We hope he can recover any losses incurred through the local championship he plans to organize for that purpose.
NOV 4 2014
The GTF President, Hon. Grand Master Linda Park met with the Turkish-Cypriot President, Dr. Dervis Eroglu.  The main topic was the support of sports events taking place in TRNC.  As the Global Taekwon-Do Federation is a non-political martial arts organization, we support our members worldwide, irregardless of the country’s political issues.  The Euro-Asia Championships was successful and we can thank Grand Master Gokbilen and his organizing committee for their diligence and hard work.
NOV 4 2014
Mr. Barat Orucov, President of the GTF in Azerbaijan told GTF members at the annual meeting held in North Cyprus that his organization is ready to fully commit to promote GTF in his country.
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