Who we are and what we do

The GTF is a non-political traditional martial arts organization with registered  highly qualified International Instructors committed to the legacy of legendary Grand Master Park Jung Tae, Founder of GTF. Since his passing in 2002, the Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors and GTF member Presidents have continued with his legacy and all contribute greatly in building the GTF into the most respected martial arts organization in the world today.  Grand Master Park taught with a humble spirit, integrity, respect, self-control and perseverance and GTF Instructors follow in his vision ensuring that all students get the highest training possible to reach their fullest potential while at the same time  balancing mind, body and spirit through awareness.


It's A Fact!

Grand Master Park dedicated his life to the promotion and development of Taekwon-Do worldwide. From the late 1950's, right up until his death in 2002, he devoted his time and energy to teaching and demonstrating his superior technical skills to all Taekwon-Do practitioners. His legacy of technical perfection still reaches all corners of the world and the GTF Instructors are respected and recognized for their excellent technical skills.

Grand Master Park had a unique ability to teach, regardless of ones physical limitations or language barriers, and his unselfish willingness to share his knowledge instilled that passion for Taekwon-Do in the hearts and minds of the students.


The GTF objectives

It is important to achieve excellence in all aspects of GTF administration and to provide a voice for all instructors to share their ideas and visions for the greatness of this Federation.  

Even though the GTF members are known for their excellent technical skills, the world also recognizes the strong emphasis placed on friendship, loyalty and understanding cultural differences between the nations. This is evident at local and international championships.

The goal of GTF is to be a Federation with strong affiliates on every continent, be reputable in its ideals and have the highest technical standards set out by the legacy of Grand Master Park Jung Tae  for posterity.

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