1. GTF has Policies in place to allow member countries to achieve financial independence.
  2. Traditional Martial Arts Philosophy imbedded in our training programs.
  3. GTF has high technical standards which translates into highly skilled instructors.
  4. International platform for showcasing students abilities in competitions, seminars, workshops and other events.
  5. A training environment conducive to improving one's ability in martial arts technical skills training and related studies.
  6. Balancing aspects of Traditional Martial Arts training through the mind (philosophy, mental awareness); the body (physical capability); and the spirit (conscious understanding and belief system).

Be Informed!


  • GTF is a Traditional Martial Arts Federation focusing on traditional values inherent in martial arts philosophy.
  • GTF is known worldwide as a strong technical Federation with highly skilled Instructors. You can believe your dream of being a great Taekwon-Do practitioner and reaching your highest potential is possible when training with our Master Instructors. 
  • GTF supports its members in all aspects of their training development and encourages inter-action between countries.
  • GTF is confident in its ability to promote and develop Global Taekwon-Do Federation as the best Taekwon-Do Federation in the world as envisioned by our Founder Grand master Park Jung Tae.

Believe and Achieve!


  • We welcome all sincere Instructors who are serious in their efforts to belong to a Federation that wants its' Instructors to be successful and be the best qualified technical Instructors worldwide.
  • We welcome all sincere Instructors who want to work in an environment promoting peace and harmony without pressure from Headquarters.
  • We welcome all sincere Instructors who want to part of a Taekwon-Do community that encourages friendly competition between nations.
  • We welcome all sincere Instructors who will be proud of this Federation and be supportive.
  • We welcome all sincere Instructors who will represent this Federation with integrity and respect.

We welcome you!