September 29th, 2019

GTF President H.GM Linda Park, Sec.-Gen. Sr. Master Chris
Gantner and Under-Sec. General Sr. Master Ivan Tzatchev had a meeting to discuss the upcoming World Championships in Bulgaria in 2020. The Organizing Committee is working hard to ensure a professionally run event. Already twenty countries have committed to supporting this championship and 30th anniversary of the GTF. We look forward to seeing participation from each GTF member country. The information package is being prepared to be sent out to our members in a few days.

September 25th, 2019

GTF has a new member country. Czech Republic under the leadership of Mr. Pino Foris is now registered as our latest Independent National Organization (INO). It will be good to meet with him and his members at our next Official GTF Championship. 

September 20th, 2019

GTF is receiving proposals from member countries interested in hosting 2021 European Championships and also the 2022 World Championships. We will keep you posted on any developments.

August 5th, 2019

President Linda Park had a meeting with Sec. Gen. Master Chris Gantner and Under Sec. Gen Master Ivan Tzatchev to discuss the upcoming World Championships taking place in Bulgaria next summer. The complete package with all its venue details, entry forms and other relevant information will be sent out to all GTF members by October 1st. There is a lot of excitement about this event and committed members already supporting this championships. 2020 will also be the 30th Anniversary of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation so we plan on a celebration during the event in Bulgaria.  

We want to see all the GTF Country Members take part in this special occasion.

July 12, 2019


The GTF European Championships held in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia is now finished and we have the results of the overall country team winners for trophies. First Place was Russia, Second Place was Kazakhstan and Third Place Moldova.

We want to thank all the countries who supported this important event. The organizers under the leadership of Russia Association Taekwon-Do President, Mr. Damir Khalilov did an outstanding job of hosting the GTF members and the GTF European Championships. The Sports Ministry and Tatarstan Sport Deputy Minister Khalilall Shaikhutdinov contributed greatly to this event and we thank them for their support of such a high level competition.

Grand Xuan Ha, GTF Technical Chairman conducted a seminar for many athletes with the assistance of Sr. Master Ivan Tzatchev, from Norway, Master Con Connolly, from Ireland, Miss Janice Connolly, 6th degree from Ireland, and Master Victor Shcherbakov from Russia. After the seminar, there were five successful examinations for rank promotion.

At the scheduled meeting there was much to discuss about the upcoming GTF World Championships to be held in Bulgaria 2020. As well there was a good exchange of opinions and ideas working together for the overall promotion of GTF into the future. 

Also there were two serious proposals for the GTF European Championships in 2021 (Moldova) and the GTF World Championships in 2022 (Kazakhstan). We already have the proposal from Scotland for the 2020 event as well. GTF is accepting more proposals and the host country will be announced later after careful review of each proposal. 

In the end, everyone is committed to supporting GTF high standards and quality at our championships as we all have the same goal for the growth of GTF worldwide. 

July 7th, 2019


Mr. Tomislav Dakovic, 6th Degree from Croatia is our newest member and we welcome him to the GTF family. We look forward to meeting with Mr. Dakovic and his members at the GTF World Championships in Bulgaria in 2020.

Dato Othman Talib
PGTF President

April 29, 2019

Dato Othman Talib

PGTF President

It was a shock to learn of the passing of Dato Othman Talib. Dato Talib was such a great supporter of the GTF in Malaysia. As President of Pan Malaysia Global Taekwon-Do Federation he was revered as a great leader of that Federation. Dato Othman Talib was a man of virtue and a great gentleman, very respected for his traditional martial arts philosophy and way of life. The Global Taekwon-Do Federation will greatly miss him.

On behalf of the entire Global Taekwon-Do Federation worldwide, we send our deepest condolences to Dato Talib’s family. Our prayers are with them during this time of loss. We know that there is a big void left in the hearts of all who loved this important GTF leader.

Rest in peace Dato Othman Talib.


H.Grand Master Linda Park

GTF President

April 28, 2019

The GTF European Champions in Kazan, Tatarstan is just a few weeks away. We look forward to a very successful event organized by Mr. Damir Khalilov, the President of Russia Association Taekwon-do. If you need further information contact us right away.  


Remembering Grand Master Park Jung Tae. 1943-2002

A champion of peace and harmony through Taekwon-Do training.

Seventeen years ago on April 11, 2002 the Founder of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF), Grand Master Park Jung Tae, passed away.  

Grand Master Park Jung Tae was a Taekwon-Do Icon who dedicated his life to perfecting Taekwon-Do techniques. He was a highly sought after teacher and mentor who taught by example and never expected any practitioner to do a technique that he himself couldn’t demonstrate. Grand Master Park was called ‘The People’s Master’ by his loyal instructors and supporters.

When Grand Master Park Founded the Global Taekwon-Do Federation in 1990, he developed new patterns unique to GTF that would differentiate the GTF style of Taekwon-Do from other Federations. GTF is a traditional martial arts organization which focuses on high technical standards and has been steadily growing in numbers. 

Our selective process in determining who our worldwide leaders will be allows us to bring only serious qualified instructors into this Federation. This sets the GTF apart from many other organizations, where the Sport aspect of Taekwon-Do is becoming more popular and the Art is being lost. Grand Master Park said many years ago “Wait and see after many years how Taekwon-Do the sport will be popular and then you don’t need an instructor any more. You just need a trainer to teach you to win.” Unfortunately, this is evident today and  happening with many Taekwon-Do clubs. GTF is not a Sports Federation.

The death of Grand Master Park had a colossal affect on the Taekwon-Do community. It was a shock to all of us. There was an immediate unmistakeable void felt and emotions were flying high amongst the instructors worldwide. No one was sure how this news would affect them and wondered what would happen to the GTF now that their teacher was gone. Needless to say, GTF did move forward. The impact Grand Master Park had on the GTF instructors he trained was so phenomenal that it was natural his legacy of high technical skills and traditional martial arts philosophy would live on through their efforts to promote and develop GTF further. The worldwide image of our reputable Federation today, is attributed to these loyal GTF Instructors who followed his legacy. We thank all the Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors, students and supporters for their contributions to the continued success of this great organization Founded by Grand Master Park Jung Tae.

We remember Grand Master Park with great admiration and love

March 31, 2019

On March 16-17th Senior Master Konstantinos Kalfas, 8th Degree Black Belt from Greece conducted a Technical Seminar for students at the University of Liverpool GTF Club, in England. Dr. Kostas Mavrokoridis, the chief instructor at the university, organized the event and his students were very enthusiastic about training with his instructor, Sr. Master Kalfas. 

There was a live Skype meeting with H.G.M. Grand Master Linda Park, President of GTF, 2011 inductee into the Official Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame for her leadership skills and contribution in promoting Taekwon-Do worldwide through the GTF.  

The GTF President spoke directly to the participants at the seminar with encouraging words about each person’s importance in the future greatness of GTF. She gave a short intro about the seminar instructor Sr. Master Kalfas and his contribution to the promotion and development of Taekwon-Do in Greece for many decades.

Sr. Master Kalfas talked about his relationship with the Founder, Grand Master Park Jung Tae and the creation of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation (GTF). Sr.Master Kalfas was one of the instructors who supported Grand Master Park when he founded GTF in 1990. Prior to that, Sr. Master Kalfas was an ITF instructor who trained many years with Grand Master Park when he was Technical Chairman of ITF. The members were interested to learn what Grand Master Park envisioned for the GTF.

The seminar covered many aspects of martial arts besides pattern techniques & applications; for example, breaking techniques, the physics of breaking boards, martial arts philosophy and the benefits of Taekwon-Do training as medicine for good health. See the presentation attached.

Dr. Mavrokoridis is doing a fantastic job of promoting GTF in England and we thank him for his contribution in the further development of GTF Taekwon-do in that country.

March 12, 2019

2020 will be an exciting year for the Global Taekwon-Do Federation. Not only will it be the year for the 2020 World Championships but also the 30th Anniversary of this great Federation founded by the late Grand Master Park Jung Tae.

Three countries; namely, Bulgaria, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Moldova had proposed having the 2020 World Championships in their country. The GTF members were given the opportunity to vote and through a ‘transparency’ process it showed Bulgaria received the most votes.

Congratulations to the organizers of the 2020 GTF World Championships, BG-GTF Association in Bulgaria. Master Gerginov, President of BG-GTF Association in Bulgaria will work closely with Sr. Master Tzatchev, GTF Under-Secretary General from Norway to ensure this event has the highest standards and follows the GTF rules and regulations.

Expectations are high! We look forward to a great event in 2020


The passing of Mr. Dimitrius Chatzistavridis

Senior Master Kalfas, President of the GTF Greek Taekwondo Federation notified us that one of the senior instructors Mr. Dimitrius Chatzistavridis (1943-2019), 5th degree has passed away. 

I am sure many of your will remember Mr. Chatzistavridis from his monumental breaking demonstrations at the GTF events. He will be remember for the twin kicks and head breaking of boards even when he was in his 60’s. He had that indomitable spirit that moved him to do the impossible and always wanted to demonstrate that special technique. I always remember him chanting “GTF” and telling me how much he loved this Federation. He will be greatly missed.

On behalf of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation, I send our heartfelt wishes to Mr. Chatzistavridis’s family on their loss.  


H.GM Linda Park



The passing of Grand Master Ngiaw Wee Sun

It is with shock and sadness that we learn of the passing of Grand Master Ngiaw Wee Sun, President of Pehang GTF Taekwon-Do Association in Malaysia. Today, I spoke to Mrs. Ngiaw on the telephone and sent condolences on behalf of all GTF members worldwide.

Grand Master Ngiaw supported Taekwon-Do for decades and was a loyal member of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation since it was founded in 1990. He was one of the most senior members of this Federation and instrumental in promoting and developing GTF in Malaysia. 

Grand Master Ngiaw’s insight and viewpoints on martial arts etiquette and philosophy was extraordinary and on many occasions through seminars and personal conversations, enlightened us with his vast knowledge. He was steadfast in his convictions and trained hundreds of students, not only the technical aspects of martial arts but also to live, following the Tenets of Taekwon-Do. Over the years, many became champions and leaders in the Taekwon-Do community. With the passing of Grand Master Ngiaw, the GTF members worldwide have lost an important leader in this Federation. The days ahead will be a time when a lot of support will be needed to help all the people who loved and knew Grand Master Ngiaw.  

As President, on behalf of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation worldwide membership, I send heartfelt wishes to Grand Master Ngiaw’s family to let them know that he was a very special Grand Master in this Federation and we will all miss him.



H.GM Linda Park

GTF President

December 19, 2018

The GTF welcomes our newest INO group from China. Grand Master Ngiaw Wee Sun together with Sr. Master Dang and Master Mdm Lim Yoke Lin recently had a meeting In Kuala Lumpur with the leaders of GCTF. The GCTF, Greatest Taekwon-Do Federation in China under the leadership of Mr. Xu Jing Nan and Global Cooperative Taekwon-Do Federation in Hong Kong under the leadership of Mr. Nelson Cheah. Welcome Mr. Xu Jing Nan and Mr. Nelson Cheah.

October 3, 2018

1. Last week GTF President Linda Park and Master Palella had a meeting to discuss GTF promotions in Canada. We have three new 6th degrees in Canada - Mr. Wayne Brown, Mr. Don DeChief and Mr. Warren Morrical. Congratulations to Mr. Brown, Mr. DeChief and Mr. Morrical for their rank achievement.

2. Master Ivan Tzatchev, GTF Under Sec.-General had a Skype meeting with GTF President Linda Park to discuss future events and methods to encourage more member support. At the meeting during the European Open Championships in Yerean, Armenia this week, there will more discussions on this issue.

3. A lot of discussions about the GTF 30th Anniversary event in 2020 is underway. Our Administrative Committee is working on an exciting venue and once confirmed the GTF membership will be notified.

4. The GTF European Open Championships is taking place this week from Oct. 4-7th and we wish all the competitors good luck. We expect many country participation and a very successful championship. Once again our GTF family gets together to compete in a friendly environment, meet GTF friends from other countries, make new friends and experience the Armenian culture.

5. Don’t forget the Euro-Asia GTF Championships will take place in TRNC on October 26th. If you can support this event, you should contact the organizers as soon as possible.


Please do not confuse our Federation with the Global Tang Soo Do Association who uses GTF in their advertisements for getting participants to attend championships, seminars, etc. They are not affiliated to this Federation which is the original GTF - Global Taekwon-Do Federation founded by Grand Master Park Jung Tae in 1990. 

September 13th 2018



Dear GTF Grand Masters, Masters, Country Presidents: 

Mr. Viktor Tikhonenko and his organization from Ukraine and also Mr. Irakli Tugushi and his organization from Georgia are registered as INO members effective immediately. 

Both INO leaders are looking forward to meeting with other GTF leaders at the European Championships in October in Armenia. 


Best regards,

HGM Linda Park


July 28th, 2018

The GTF President H.GM Linda Park, Sr. Master Chris Gantner, Sr. Master Ivan Tzatchev, Master PatrickToneff and Master Con Connolly just returned from the GTF World Championships 2018 in Durban, South Africa. Master Grachev. President of GTF SA and his organizing committee did a fantastic job of ensuring a successful event. It was exciting for our members to experience the famous African Safari where they saw many of the five great animals close up. Everywhere we went, the friendly people of South Africa were so wonderful and we all took home great memories of the South African culture.

Several meetings took place during our visit to South Africa and much progress was made during our meetings with Masters and Instructors for the future promotion and development of GTF worldwide. We will be posting more information in due time.

Once again, we congratulate Master Grachev for hosting this event.