October 3, 2018

1. Last week GTF President Linda Park and Master Palella had a meeting to discuss GTF promotions in Canada. We have three new 6th degrees in Canada - Mr. Wayne Brown, Mr. Don DeChief and Mr. Warren Morrical. Congratulations to Mr. Brown, Mr. DeChief and Mr. Morrical for their rank achievement.

2. Master Ivan Tzatchev, GTF Under Sec.-General had a Skype meeting with GTF President Linda Park to discuss future events and methods to encourage more member support. At the meeting during the European Open Championships in Yerean, Armenia this week, there will more discussions on this issue.

3. A lot of discussions about the GTF 30th Anniversary event in 2020 is underway. Our Administrative Committee is working on an exciting venue and once confirmed the GTF membership will be notified.

4. The GTF European Open Championships is taking place this week from Oct. 4-7th and we wish all the competitors good luck. We expect many country participation and a very successful championship. Once again our GTF family gets together to compete in a friendly environment, meet GTF friends from other countries, make new friends and experience the Armenian culture.

5. Don’t forget the Euro-Asia GTF Championships will take place in TRNC on October 26th. If you can support this event, you should contact the organizers as soon as possible.


Please do not confuse our Federation with the Global Tang Soo Do Association who uses GTF in their advertisements for getting participants to attend championships, seminars, etc. They are not affiliated to this Federation which is the original GTF - Global Taekwon-Do Federation founded by Grand Master Park Jung Tae in 1990. 

September 13th 2018



Dear GTF Grand Masters, Masters, Country Presidents: 

Mr. Viktor Tikhonenko and his organization from Ukraine and also Mr. Irakli Tugushi and his organization from Georgia are registered as INO members effective immediately. 

Both INO leaders are looking forward to meeting with other GTF leaders at the European Championships in October in Armenia. 


Best regards,

HGM Linda Park


July 28th, 2018

The GTF President H.GM Linda Park, Sr. Master Chris Gantner, Sr. Master Ivan Tzatchev, Master PatrickToneff and Master Con Connolly just returned from the GTF World Championships 2018 in Durban, South Africa. Master Grachev. President of GTF SA and his organizing committee did a fantastic job of ensuring a successful event. It was exciting for our members to experience the famous African Safari where they saw many of the five great animals close up. Everywhere we went, the friendly people of South Africa were so wonderful and we all took home great memories of the South African culture.

Several meetings took place during our visit to South Africa and much progress was made during our meetings with Masters and Instructors for the future promotion and development of GTF worldwide. We will be posting more information in due time.

Once again, we congratulate Master Grachev for hosting this event.